Dr. Carol Wachs, Psychotherapy Services

Individual and Couples Therapy

Dr. Wachs consults with individuals and Couples for ongoing psychotherapy using an approach based on relational treatment concepts. Many issues in life have their bases in relational patterns developed in our earliest relationships. This approach to the therapeutic process can help deconstruct these patterns and promote the development of new, more satisfying interpersonal experiences.

Parent Consultation

This component of Dr. Wachs' practice employs a relational understanding of development. Trained as a child psychologist, Dr. Wach s has developed a treatment approach that uses the parent-child dyad to be the primary locus for change. The consultation is between the therapist and the parents, and maintains that this approach will offer the most positive results. This can be done without involving the child directly in the therapy process, and utilizes the parents' own skills in assisting their children. The focus is on promoting a more satisfying and secure relationships between parents and children.

Raising children is an intrinsically challenging process that can benefit from brief consultations to ongoing therapy, depending on the nature of the issues.

Parents' expertise about themselves and their own children are utilized to improve the quality of interpersonal experience within the family. Fostering improved relationships between parents and their children can be addressed at various stages of development, as problems may arise at any time during family life, from the earliest issues in parent-child attachment and bonding, to the more typical stresses of being a parent.

Many new parents have concerns about their child's development at various points in time.

These concerns may reflect the normal stresses of parenting, or may be signs of more serious issues that may require intervention. It can be very helpful to be able to consult with someone to assess what is your own normal anxiety and what may actually because for concern.

These may include,

Referrals may be made in case where additional evaluation is needed, such as psycho-educational assessment or medical evaluation

Dr. Wachs is available for consultation by appointment.
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